Friends of Swardeston Common

A group of volunteers have come together to improve the common, find out more about it via this link Friends of Swardeston Common Information Sheet

Why not support the group and become a member, an application can be downloaded via this link  Friends of Swardeston Common Membership Form

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2 Responses to Friends of Swardeston Common

  1. John Hibbert says:

    Hi, I was watching Gardeners World on Friday evening, it was all about the preservation of meadows and the introduction of wild flowers in order to promote pollen collectors.
    This got me thinking of how nice the area around the pond opposite the playground
    and the area to the left of that could look if it was laid as a wild meadow. A pathway to the pond could be cut and probably the addition of a seat. I understand that grants are available to make this happen. This would also cut down the amount of times the grass would have to be cut over the growing season.
    Regards, John

    • carolejowett says:

      Thanks for the suggestion John, I will pass this on to the parish council and the friends of Swardeston Common

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